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NOTE: If after starting the first level you cant do anything and the timer isn't going down, its because you didn't read the Tutorial.


Binary Gambits first Prototype game. Created in 2010 it is a faithful remake of the classic game Rampart.

Engage in epic combat in the style of Missile Command, while you attempt to keep your base functional using Tetris shaped blocks.


Classic Hybrid

Tetris and Missile command come together in this classic remake

No Easy Mode

Xenosurge comes in Beginner, Hard and Pro-Guy

Endless Mode

How long can you keep going?

Like it?

Like all Binary Gambit Prototypes, if this game recieves enough interest it will be remade for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android using the Love2d framework.

Feedback on our prototypes is always welcome @BinaryGambit on Twitter