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Bring a little strategy to your endless running


This prototype was created by Binary Gambit and Gus on the Go for Ludum Dare Minijam 51. The aim was to create a endless runner with a unique twist. You play as three ships accelerating through an asteroid belt, and must avoid obstacles while collecting the powerups.

How to Play:

Your aim is to reach the highest score possible. Score is awarded to smashing Space-enemies, collecting Space-coins and for staying alive. The highest scores can only be achieved by matching the color of your ships to that of the space-lanes they are flying in.

The ship you are controlling is shown by the colored highlight on the left of the screen. The other ships are controlled by friendly AI pilots.

Each ship is equipped with an EnergyFist(tm) which can smash enemies of the same color. Smashing enemies will award you points. Swipe forward, or press the right arrow to "punch".

Your ship can dodge incoming enemies if they are the wrong color. Swipe up or down anywhere on the screen to dodge. If playing on Windows, OSX or Linux, use the up/down arrow keys to dodge.

You can change to an adjacent lane by tapping on it. You can also use 'w' and 's' to change lanes. Dont worry if one of the AI pilots crashes, it wont effect your score or lives.


Danger Hard

Its seriously difficult in the later stages of the game


Its got raptors but you just cant see them. NINJA RAPTORS!


A little bit of old school forethought will help you achieve a high score.

Like it?

You can provide feedback to us on Twitter @BinaryGambit or


Like all Binary Gambit Prototypes, if this game recieves enough interest it will be remade for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android using the Love2d framework.


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